Built on the very birthplace of a natural hot spring, Alba Wellness Valley offers different choices of accommodation divided into two separate areas – Alba Wellness Resort and Thanh Tan Hot Springs Hotel.

A rustic-luxe retreat in the heart of nature, Alba Wellness Resort is surrounded by tropical forests, lush gardens, peaceful lakes and a local lifestyle enriched by Hue’s traditions. Built on the very birthplace of a precious natural hot spring source, the resort was designed by a well-known Japanese architect featuring a combination of Japanese and Vietnamese architecture with rural landscaping such as ancient wooden gates, beautiful bamboo paths, Zen gardens and traditional red bridges on winding hot springs. The resort has 2,000m2 in-door and outdoor Onsen & Spa centre, offering the first ever Onsen journey in true Japanese contemporary style. Alba Wellness Resort is an ideal place for multi-generational families or couples and individuals looking for a holistic well-being holiday in Central Vietnam.


Thanh Tan Hot Springs Hotel is lying in the greenest area of Alba Wellness Valley with lush gardens, verdant forests, peaceful lakes and pools. The hotel is named after an ancient catholic village nearby and has been known since years as a natural relaxing place with a great number of outdoor activities including hot springs, water park, fishing pool, craft village, organic farm, Highwire and Zipline… Ideal for groups of young people or young families looking forward to a dynamic vacation within the budget range, Thanh Tan hotel ensures a comfortable stay with lots of fun.


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