Alba Wellness Valley By Fusion Shares A Power Message For Global Wellness Day 2019

Alba Wellness Valley By Fusion Shares A Power Message For Global Wellness Day 2019

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam (May 2019) – Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion is bringing Global Wellness Day to the children of Vietnam with a day of fun filled celebration and a powerful message about wellness and the environment. More than 200 children from the local communities surrounding Alba Wellness Valley in the foothills of the Truong Son mountains of central Vietnam will spend the day with their families learning what wellness means to them and to the world they live in.


A welcome speech and education session by Fusion general manager, Hylton Lipkin, will encourage the children and their parents to consider more active choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life, as well as raise awareness of growing concerns about the use of plastic.

“Wellness is considered the absence of illness, and this can be interpreted in many ways, but for Alba Wellness Valley, Global Wellness day is about living a healthy life and keeping our planet healthy.” Explained Hylton. “Wellness as a lifestyle choice should be taught from childhood as children who are aware of living well go on to become more successful and healthier adults, able to achieve more professionally and express themselves freely in their social lives.” He continued.

During the event, children will attend physical fitness and tai chi classes in the resort’s jungle camping area before taking part in a competition to see how many people can go down the longest zip line in Vietnam in just an hour.

Other activities will include building a house and a boat out of plastic bottles to help children understand the impact plastic has on their health and the environment, as well as a clean-up
session in the forest surrounding the resort. A vegetarian lunch and refreshments will be provided to all those who attend in order to highlight the importance of a healthy diet, and children will be given a free bottle of water by Alba Water. Once the event has finished, children and their families will be free to enjoy the Thanh Tan hot springs and pools, as well as the other outdoor activities offered Alba Wellness Valley including the resort’s farm, craft village and kids’ club.

It only takes a single day to change your life. This is the message brought to us for the eighth annual Global Wellness Day to be held on Saturday 8 June at over 5,000 locations in more than 150 countries worldwide. First celebrated in Turkey in 2012, Global Wellness Day encourages us to pause and think, even if for just one day a year, about the value of our lives. It promotes awareness about living well and increases motivation for living free from the stresses of daily urban life and the bad habits that form from this.

WHERE OTHERS FOLLOW, FUSION LEADS Since its launch in 2008, Fusion has become a leading innovator of wellness-inspired hotels and resorts and is now the only fully vertically integrated hospitality company in Southeast Asia. Under one roof, Fusion conceptualizes, designs, builds and manages beachside resorts and city hotels through its uniquely branded hospitality concepts. Fusion has opened six resorts and hotels in Vietnam so far, with a team now boasting more than 1,800 employees, including 300 spa specialists. At present, guests can experience Fusion’s original “all-spa inclusive” concept, and “breakfast anywhere anytime” service, along with their inventive approach to the hospitality sector, in Da Nang, Cam Ranh, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, and Phu Quoc. The Fusion catalog of brands currently includes:

Fusion Resorts: Where original contemporary design meets traditional Vietnamese charm. Home to Fusion’s unique “all-spa inclusive” service, Fusion Resorts fully embrace the combination of ultimate wellness with a rejuvenating and down-to-earth lifestyle, all in natural, picturesque surroundings.

Fusion Suites: As well-located city hotels in key business and tourism hubs, Fusion Suites redefines holistic living and brings a wellness-inspired vacation experience to today’s urban adventurers. As 21st-century city life continues to accelerate, Fusion Suites aim to bring balance and harmony to the urban jungle through healthy and nutritious food and drink options, daily spa journeys included in the room rate, and original and rejuvenating interior design.

Fusion Originals: The individually branded Originals do not share a consistent style. Instead, Fusion tailors each hotel to evoke the life and times of a pioneering artist, inventor, scientist, or social leader. Originals aim to provide fun, fresh, and 100% unique hotel concept each and every time.

Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion: Located 30km from the city of Hue, this expansive project is located at the source of the Thanh Tan geothermal spring and comprises two accommodation options: the upscale Alba Wellness Resort by Fusion and the three-star Thanh Tan Hot Springs by Fusion. With a series of thermal baths at its heart, the valley also offers various outdoor facilities including a water park, a family-friendly craft village and organic farm, and a thrilling highwire course and zip line.
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