Alba Wellness Valley Offers Panchakarma Course

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Alba Wellness Valley Offers Panchakarma Course

Alba Wellness Valley is launching its once-per-year Panchakarma course conducted by professional Ayurveda experts from the United States and Vietnam. Built on three Ayurveda pillars of health, which are diagnosis & treatment, Ayurveda nutrition, Yoga & spirituality, with Alba natural hot springs treatment as a specific feature, the Panchakarma course offers an ultimate mind-body healing experience in the serene and meditative atmosphere at the foot of Truong Son mountain chain. Do not miss out!

Priced from VND35,000,000 net per person, with the choice of 5-day and 7-day packages, the Panchakarma course at Alba Wellness Valley includes:


  • Accommodation in Alba Wellness Valley (including preparation and treatment time)
  • Initial Ayurveda assessment and daily monitoring
  • Panchakarma treatments: Abyanga (oil massage), Nasya (treatments for the sinus, head and neck area), Shirodhara (treatment that calms the mind), Swedena (steam sauna), Basti (treatment to cleanse and rejuvenate the large intestine)
  • Ayurveda nutrition including vegetarian meals and special teas for detox
  • Morning meditation
  • Morning and Afternoon Yoga Asana exercises
  • Bathing in natural hot springs to help support healing treatments
  • Transfer from Phu Bai airport to the resort and vice versa

The choice of 5-day or 7-day package is based on your health goals, your budget and your schedule. In general, you will experience a physical detox during the first 3 days, which helps your body releasing fat-soluble cancer-causing chemicals and toxins.


Around the 4th and 5th days, your body tends to escape from old emotions, beliefs and patterns, in addition to physical toxins. By the 6th and 7th days, you will drop into your hearts, your mind will become quiet and you will be totally at peace.


The 5-day package will take place from 1st to 5th March 2019 and the 7-day package from 10th to 16th March 2019.



Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Amex

Deposit: 30% of the whole package value at time of booking

Full payment will be made at the arrival to the resort

No change, cancellation or refund during the treatment course



 Comfortable clothes for Yoga exercises

Sandals or slippers for easy move

Fruits and noshes are not allowed

Private Yoga carpet is recommended (if any)

Limit use of mobile phone during the treatment course

Prices List

Price for new register


Price for returning guest


Package\ Room type

5 days


7 days


5 days


7 days


Deluxe Single 47,606,000 65,273,000 42,846,000 58,754,000
Deluxe Sharing 38,786,000 53,513,000 34,908,000 48,161,000
Bungalow Single 61,706,000 84,073,000 55,536,000 75,665,000
Bungalow Sharing 45,836,000 62,913,000 41,253,000 56,621,000

Note: the above prices are quoted net and excluded of all F&B expenses (out of the Panchakarma course) as well as other individual charges.

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