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Located within Onsen area, our Wellness Spa invites you to revitalize mind, body and spirit in an oasis of calm. Natural materials have been sourced, for most, close to the site, providing a sense of warmth and elegant simplicity. Views on surrounding gardens from the spa and sound of water flowing away invite you to lay back and enjoy our unique spa journey.

Foot reflexology room

This massage activates the body’s self-healing powers, reduces health problems and is wonderfully relaxing. Massaging specific regions of the foot have an effect on certain organs and your whole body. The targeted pressure with the thumb leads to relaxation and pain relief as well as stimulating the nervous system. This massage helps relaxing muscles tension and boosting the immune system.

Double treatment room

Going to a spa with your partner or friend is one of the more interesting and perhaps unusual things you can do together. We offer spa experiences for two with twin massage beds and at least two therapists. You can synchronize your pleasure by each one of you having the same treatment at the same time, or you can each have a customized massage lying side by side.

Single treatment room

The treatment room gives a soothing inspiration and is decorated with elegant natural essence. Indulge in some serious “me-time” in delicate herb fragrances to relax your mind, your soul and your spirit. Your privacy is highly respected.